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Why soundproof the children's room

Why soundproof the children's room

Noise and children go hand in hand. But even if you are used to the noise from the children's room, it does not mean that you should not deal with it. Noise from the children's room can disturb your neighbors, and conversely, noise that penetrates the children's room can disturb your children. Soundproofing a children's room is a solution that will please everyone.

Why is noise dangerous for children?

As parents, we want the best for our children. Noise can disturb children when they are sleeping or learning. In addition to disturbance, noise can cause physical, cognitive, and even psychological problems in children.

Noise pollution can be responsible for a shift in the range of your child's ability to hear, impaired thinking, he will have higher levels of stress hormones, sleep disturbances, and reading, speech, concentration, memory and attention may deteriorate.

These are really serious reasons why you should deal with soundproofing the children's room if you live in a noisy city environment.

The soundproofing of the children's room will also please the neighbors

Living near children can be extremely stressful for your neighbors as well. In addition to disturbing neighborly relations, stressful noise can actually damage the health of neighbors and cause, for example, cardiovascular diseases. Soundproofing the children's room can also help ensure that the noise your children make while playing does not spread to the neighbors.

Soundproofing a child's room is not only an effective way to prevent ambient noise, but it can also help you limit the noise your children make. Contact us and we will do it for you soundproofing of a children's room to measure.

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