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FREE delivery on all panels in USA
FREE delivery on all panels in USA

About Acuslat Panels

Design, excellent acoustics, easy assembly, and ecological product.

We can easily define our acoustic wooden slats for walls and ceilings with these words.

We produce Acuslat panels in lengths of 94.09", which avoids joining panels on the vast majority of applications

2x 12.60" =25.20" 

Great SOUND = room acoustics

The Acuslat wooden slat panel not only looks fantastic but mainly absorbs and at the same time breaks up excessive echo in the room. 

If you have the opportunity, it is always better for acoustics to use 1.8” timber batons. We recommend screwing1.8” timber batons to the wall and then screwing the panels directly into the batons through the acoustic felt to achieve optimum sound absorption

This will achieve absorption class A 


You can also leave out the 1.8” timber batons, but you will lose a relatively large amount of the overall acoustic performance of the wooden slats, the overall absorption will decrease mainly at lower sound frequencies. If you just stick the panels on the wall, you will achieve absorption class D. 

If you have space, choose a structure with an absorber for better sound.

        • Direct mounting = absorption class D.
        • Wooden construction with 1.8” timber batons = absorption class C.
        • Wooden structure and 1.8” timber batons with insulation = absorption class A.

Beautiful wooden DESIGN

It also finds its place as a design decoration of walls and ceilings, you can easily shape the panel into the necessary dimensions.

For various projects, you can also use the color of the background between the slats, in the basic offer is black, and gray, for larger projects from another 22 colors.

What does the Acuslat panel's lamella panel consist of?

 We used a 10 mm thick ProSilente acoustic mat felt as a base. We offer the base in the basic offer in grey and black.

16 slats of MDF board and wood veneer are placed on two  12.60" wide panels. It is a matter of course that the edges of the slats are finely milled.


We guarantee a significant reduction of the echo in the room

Since we manufacture the Acuslat panels directly, we had enough space to develop and test suitable combinations of materials to achieve the required acoustic properties in addition to excellent design.  As an example, we present the reverberation measurement from the external tests. 

Before and after implementation, we measured RT60 reverberation (=echo) and set a target echo band of 0.5 seconds for the project. In the implementation, we fulfilled the goal.

T1 is the reverberation graph before implementation, and T2 after implementation, values ​​represent time (in seconds) at all frequencies.

The longer the time (reverberation), the louder the echo and the poorer the sound.

Since we combined the design modification with a functional echo reduction solution, the client was very satisfied with the result.

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