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FREE delivery on all panels in USA
FREE delivery on all panels in USA

The most innovative DIY acoustic slat wood wall paneling in the USA, Acuslat™ is the out-of-box solution for any room

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Improve acoustics in any room

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Steal The Show With Latest Walls And Panel Designs For Your Bedroom

Steal The Show With Latest Walls And Panel Designs For Your Bedroom

Wooden walls and panels are an excellent way to make your bedroom eye-catching.This natural material is timeless and versatile. Whether you fancy a cottage styled bedroom with rough edges and asymmetrical lines or a stylish western designed one, wood is your answer to everything. Wooden walls and panels give bedrooms an alluring appeal texture and depth. 

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Rustic Gray Oak Panels Makes a Significant Impact.

Rustic Gray Oak Panels Makes a Significant Impact.

Reclaimed barn wood with cove panelling makes a significant impact in a bedroom as a feature or  floor to ceiling wall. There are endless possibilities to play with the designs, textures and style when it comes to rustic barn wood. This type of panel design lives by its name and brings in the feel of an old rustic barn feel to any bedroom.

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The Ultimate Guide to DIY Wall Panelling

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Wall Panelling

Panelling is a great way to incorporate a traditional and yet very contemporary feel into your home. Although it may look like an expensive addition to your space, panelling can be a low cost and easy way of adding a three-dimensional look to your home.

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The best acoustic slat wood wall panel option available right out of the box.

Our line of acoustic slat wood wall paneling is an attractive, simple-to-install wood strip decorative wall and ceiling panel that features class A sound absorption. Acoustic insulation is a bonus feature that makes modern style embodied in every manner, with sleek, contemporary appearances.

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I had a great experience working with Acuslat Panels. The project was so easy to put up and looks picture perfect. I will certainly purchase to future projects. Worth 5 stars all day!

Bgdan R.

I couldn't have asked for more. The quality is excellent, and it appears exactly as I had hoped! I was very pleased with the service and the speed with which it was delivered. I will definitely return to shop here!

Harleigh D.

I am so happy I made the decision to purchase these panels. They have been one of the best investments that I have made for my office. The sound has decreased significantly, which means I can turn off my music more easily and focus more on what's in front of me. They are aesthetically beautiful and a necessary addition to any home or office!

Airah G.

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As the world becomes eco-conscious, it’s only logical that a current interior design trend would be based around sustainability. Sustainability refers to minimizing environmental impact – for example, it is more impactful to cut down a tree to fashion a brand new bookcase, as opposed to finding a second hand item. With this current interior design trend in mind, check local thrift stores for something that fits your design aesthetic before committing to purchasing a new item.

You might find something that perfectly fits in with current interior design trends having even considered it in the first place! Additionally, certain materials are more environmentally friendly than others. For example, bamboo floors are less burdensome to produce than hardwood floors, making bamboo a more stylish choice with the latest interior design trends.

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