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Advantages of soundproofing the nursery

Advantages of soundproofing the nursery

Quick steps, noisy toys, cheerful shouting, singing, dancing, playing loudly... Children's world is loud and colorful. The high number of different sources of noise in kindergartens ensures that the sound level in these spaces increases rapidly, and therefore noise becomes a problem for both children and teachers.
Since constant noise not only damages hearing, it also increases stress and the risk of heart problems, soundproofing nurseries has many benefits.

Many sources of noise in nurseries and schools increase the sound level in the room. Without sufficient sound insulation, even normal noise in kindergarten and school can become a problem for children's and adults' ears.

Architectural elements in classrooms usually amplify the noise level. Hard, smooth and therefore very sound-reflecting materials of walls, ceilings, wooden furniture and boards reflect sound. As a result, the sounds stay in the room for a particularly long time and overlap each other. This primarily affects the intelligibility of speech and communication.

Studies show that concentration and memory can deteriorate by up to 20% in noisy situations. Good voice intelligibility and sufficient calmness are essential in classrooms in schools or in lecture theaters. If the acoustics in the room are balanced, it will make it easier not only to listen and concentrate, but also, for example, to use a foreign language. In addition, less noise protects hearing and promotes health.

Not only can noise in nurseries be annoying, but it can actually be a health hazard. Very loud places can be so irritating to your hearing that they can even cause pain. Many restaurants have noise levels that reach up to 85 decibels. Prolonged exposure to sounds of this volume can cause hearing loss.

In a school environment, noise can reach up to 90 decibels, which is the level of city traffic. In a playground full of children, it can be up to an alarming 115 decibels! That's a value that can be measured at a rock concert.

In addition, a noisy environment increases stress. Long-term exposure to stress can be a trigger for other diseases and it can also affect children's psychological health. So the benefits of soundproofing are clear: healthier children who learn better.

Sound insulation in nurseries reduces the echo, improves the acoustics of the room and ensures the necessary peace. The use of sound absorbers can increase concentration by up to 20% and this makes learning easier. Contact us.

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