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How noise affects learning

How noise affects learning

To get the most out of their education, they need classrooms that are quiet and supportive of learning. Students need to concentrate and need to hear clearly what the teacher is saying. How does noise at school affect the ability to learn?

The classroom itself plays a large role in a student's learning abilities - so how much thought went into the construction and design of the walls, floor, ceiling and windows when designing the classroom? From our experience, we know that not much. Especially old school buildings have big problems with noise.

Classrooms full of desks have a lot of hard surfaces. Sound bounces off these hard surfaces back into the room, causing echoes and unwanted background noise. If the classroom has an echo, the students will not be able to hear the teacher well.

In a school environment, noise can reach up to 90 decibels, which is the level of city traffic. In a playground full of children, it can be up to an alarming 115 decibels! That's a value that can be measured at a rock concert.

Another common problem with classroom noise is caused by thin walls. Since many classrooms are built right next to each other, sound is carried through the common walls. If voices from the next room are heard in the classroom, students' concentration decreases.

With increasing distractions in today's digital world, we need to maintain peace and quiet in the classroom. Distraction hinders the learning process and negatively affects students' academic performance. With the myriad of technological distractions bombarding our children every day, it is important to create learning environments that help improve their ability to focus on reading, writing and listening tasks, rather than contributing to the increasing number of distractions our students have to deal with. settle.

The noise of the students is disturbing. They may miss important information and their grades may suffer. Group study time is also less productive because students cannot hear each other. Noise also impairs cognitive abilities.

We know the solution. Schools use our services soundproofing of classrooms to provide a better learning environment for their students. Contact us.

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