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FREE delivery on all panels in USA
What type of blinds reduce the spread of noise?

What type of blinds reduce the spread of noise?

Specific types of blinds can absorb sound passing through windows, stopping some of the noise before it reaches the room. Which ones are they?

Roman blinds and noise reduction

Soundproofing your home does not necessarily mean installing thick and heavy curtains. Roman blinds have elegant panels that are easy to adjust but are thick enough to block out most outside noise. Another tip: blockout Roman blinds are the perfect way to amp up the soundproofing of an important bedroom window, as the extra thickness will ensure the only thing disturbing your sleep is your alarm clock.

Cellular blinds

The most effective noise reduction blinds you can get are cellular blinds. However, you have to settle for their minimalist design. Cellular blinds are horizontally pleated, with a unique structure that captures noise between the cells and prevents it from entering the house.

Wooden blinds and soundproofing

Wood fills the home with warmth and charm and always looks of high quality. The choice of wooden blinds is therefore mutually beneficial - they absorb noise and at the same time increase the value of your property, as they look luxurious. Wood is a natural insulator and blocks a decent amount of noise.


Shutters are definitely one of the best soundproof window coverings because they are firmly set into the frame and the thick wood acts as a substitute for the wall. As we wrote above, wood is a natural insulator. Shutters can suit rooms that need to be darker and quieter – such as bedrooms or work-from-home spaces.

If you want extra soundproofing of the windows and do not want to change the windows to triple glazing, we recommend combining shutters from the outside of the windows and blinds or curtains from the inside.

Blinds can really help reduce noise from the outside and are thus an affordable alternative to reduce the penetration of unwanted sounds, which can also stylishly complement the look of your interior. 

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