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Top 8 loudest animals

If you think some people are too loud, wait until you read about animals. A normal human scream is around 70 decibels. Sound above 120 decibels can be physically painful. There are many animals, birds and even insects that can make much louder sounds. These are the top 8 noisiest animals.

1. Leo: 110 dB

Lions can roar at a volume of up to 110 db. Their noise can spread over a distance of several kilometers. They mostly use their roar to scare off competing males and protect their territory.

2. Hyena: 112 dB

Hyenas can giggle when threatened, and when hunting they make dark noises that are about 112 db loud.

3. Wolf: 115 dB

One of the most famous animal sounds is the howl of a wolf. Their howl can be as loud as 90 db to 115 db and can travel several kilometers under the right conditions.

4. Elephant: 117 dB

Elephants are highly intelligent and use many sounds to communicate. The most famous is the honking sound they make when they are excited, unhappy or angry. They are also known to produce very loud infrasonic sounds that can travel up to 10 miles. The frequency of these booming sounds is below the audible range of humans, but their volume is around 117 db.

5. Whales: 230 dB

Whales are known for their songs. Blue whales can produce loud whistling calls that reach up to 188 db. However, the loudest fish is the sperm whale. It makes a series of clicking sounds that can reach up to 230 db, making it the loudest animal in the world.

6. Shrimp: 200 dB

Tiger prawns produce a sound of around 200 db, which is louder than a gun shot.

7. Bat: 140 dB

Bats use sound to navigate the so-called echolocation. Bats can reach a level of 140 db. Their sound is not audible to humans because it ranges in the ultrasonic range from 20 KHz to 200 KHz.

8. Cicada: 135 dB

Cicadas are the loudest insects. They sing to attract mates and their noise can reach more than 135 db. They produce sound from a musical drum called a tympanum located in their abdomen. They group together during mating and sing to confuse birds and other predators.

Animals sometimes use loud noises as mating songs, other times they use them to frighten rivals. Which animal from the list surprised you?

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