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FREE delivery on all panels in USA

Are movie theaters too loud?

The level of what we perceive as too loud is individual and it is true that complaints about cinema volume often come from the older population. As we age, our ears become more sensitive and we perceive noise more. But in general, we can say that cinemas are a really noisy place.

Explosive sounds in movies can even cause tinnitus (ringing in the ears) or pain. This is due to the fact that cinemas often exceed healthy sound levels, and cinema noise sometimes reaches 105-118 decibels. Although the safe noise level is around 85 dB , you don't have to worry. You would have to sit in a movie theater for long hours to lose your hearing.

Sound levels are calibrated by film producers for maximum effect and maximum movie experience. The production is mainly for large multiplex cinemas, so noise levels can be inappropriate and uncomfortable for viewers in small cinemas.

Can the noise in the cinema be dangerous for children?

Yes. The decibels of noise in a movie theater can be very dangerous for young children. You should never take a child under the age of 3 to the cinema, as their ears are still developing and loud noise could permanently damage their eardrums. Most viewers are between the ages of 18 and 35 and want loud surround sound for the perfect movie experience that takes them from the regular TV to the cinema.

One more interesting fact can convince you about the danger of noise in the cinema. Film producers must use hearing protection when creating a soundtrack to prevent excessive exposure to harmful noise levels and prevent hearing loss.

Dolby Laboratories has developed the latest cinema sound called Dolby Atmos, which has increased the volume in cinemas even more. Using separate speakers, Dolby Atmos slowly increases the volume until it delivers loud sound from multiple directions. The new system aims to enhance the cinema experience even more, but the noise in the cinema will be even greater than before.

If you feel that your cinema is too noisy, have the sound measured professionally . We offer you accredited noise measurement within the whole of US.

We focus on noise, building acoustics or acoustic studies of your projects. We will measure the current noise level for you, from which we will obtain noise values ​​for determining the optimal solution for acoustic sound insulation in the interior of buildings.

The noise in the cinema can cause ringing in your ears, but if you do not visit the cinema often, it is not dangerous for your hearing health . If you work in a cinema, you should consider wearing hearing protection.

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