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FREE delivery on all panels in USA
Sound insulation of dog kennels and kennels

Sound insulation of dog kennels and kennels

Too noisy an environment can be harmful for puppies and can also disturb your relations with your neighbors. Excessive noise is not ideal for any of us. The steps you take to soundproof your dog house are a great way to keep everyone around you happy, healthy and content.

Why is soundproofing important?

If you're looking for a way to improve the kennel environment, soundproof dog houses take up more space than you might think. A very noisy environment can make you feel more stressed and less focused, and can even lead to hearing damage if the noise levels are particularly high.
By reducing ambient noise by soundproofing the kennel, you not only create a stress-free environment for the dogs and the kennel staff, but at the same time, the stress level decreases, which can cause, for example, a decrease in blood pressure or the elimination of possible anxiety.

You can also make your operation more attractive to your potential clients. A noisy environment can be stressful for clients from the first moment they step foot in your door. Reducing stress is one of the main reasons why people bring their dogs to a kennel.

Reducing the noise to an acceptable level will make people feel better about leaving their pets there during the day. So let's talk about how to soundproof the room from excessive barking dogs.

Consider acoustical modifications

Since it is highly unlikely that you can change the volume or frequency of the dogs barking, you need to apply materials to the space that will absorb the sound waves and not reflect them back into the room. It's like creating a sound-absorbing kennel so your dogs can't hear the noise.

Most materials used in modern structures reflect sound waves, including walls, floors and ceilings. All these surfaces are smooth and hard, which causes sound waves, if not equipped with acoustic treatments, to reflect into the environment and amplify the resulting sound effect. Each of these surfaces should be adapted to reduce the overall noise level in the room.

Soundproof walls, ceilings and floors

One of the most problematic surfaces in any room is the walls. The walls are in direct contact with the path of sound waves created by people talking or dogs barking, so unless you incorporate softer materials, most of those waves will bounce back to you.

Another complex surface that you will definitely have to deal with is the ceiling. If you have high ceilings with exposed pipes, not only will you have to deal with echoes and reverberations that travel through the high ceilings, but they also include other sound sources that you will also have to deal with.

There are many ways to tackle ceilings, some of which will definitely work better than others in a particular situation. One of the great solutions is to add grids with acoustic inserts under the ceiling distribution. Not only will they capture sound waves causing echoes and reverberations from below, but they will also absorb sounds from above, meaning you won't hear them at all, while being easy to install. This means that you will greatly improve the sound in the room by blocking out anything that creates noise, but still have easy access to the equipment above the ceiling grid. However, safety must remain the highest priority when soundproofing a dog house.

It is common knowledge that dogs are noisy when walking on hard surfaces. The clatter of dog claws is a sound like no other. Softening the floor surfaces will allow you to absorb more impact sounds.
In this case, interlocking foam pads can work great because they are soft and at the same time absorb and dampen impact sounds if they come into contact with them. If you choose this method, make sure the mats are waterproof and easy to maintain, as there is always the risk of one of your dogs soiling them in some way.

Get quality windows and doors

Windows are an excellent tool for providing natural light to your visitors, but they can also be the weakest point in protecting your property against noise. As long as they let in drafts, they also let in the noise of barking dogs from the interior. If soundproofing is your goal, the window issue needs to be addressed.

Get a set of new windows, which will not only please your neighbors by preventing unwanted noise, but will also increase the thermal performance of the room, which will help you save a lot of money on heating or air conditioning. However, if you do not want to replace all the windows, you can achieve the same benefits with the help of high-quality window inserts.

In addition to solutions to soundproof the kennel, nothing beats a quality door with the ability to isolate sound, which also serves for your safety. Just like windows or walls, even ordinary doors can let in a lot of sound and heat energy into the interior. If you replace your old door with a stronger and stronger one that will keep the noise inside and also prevent the entry of unwanted guests, trust that you will impress your clients and create a great first impression, thanks to which they will entrust you with their most valuable treasure, which is their pets. This is one of the simplest kennel soundproofing solutions on the market.

Call the experts for help

You've probably already thought about ways to reduce noise in your kennel. Acoustic modifications and soundproofing are the best way to silence dog barking.


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