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Loudest sound ever heard

Loudest sound ever heard

The loudest sound in recorded history came from a volcanic eruption on the Indonesian island of Krakatoa. The noisy eruption occurred on August 27, 1883 at 10:02 a.m. The explosion caused the collapse of two-thirds of the island and created tsunami waves up to 46 m high. The explosion was reportedly heard 4,800 km away, where people described the sound as "fire from a nearby ship".

Batavia gas plants (North Jakarta), 160 km from the source, recorded an increase in sound pressure level of more than 8.5 kPa, which corresponds to 172 decibels. The sonic pressure wave circled the globe a total of seven times over the next five days.

The shock wave of sound can be dangerous

At 194 dB, the energy in the sound waves begins to distort and create a complete vacuum between them. The sound no longer moves through the air, but actually pushes the air along with it, creating a pressure wall of moving air. This is called a shock wave, and it is at this point that the "sound" becomes a physically perceptible and possibly dangerous force.

The eruption on the island of Krakatoa in 1883 is considered the loudest event that mankind has experienced and recorded. It caused a worldwide shock wave that spread to all corners of the globe and killed an estimated 36,000 people.

The volcano is located between Java and Sumatra, Indonesia, and its eruption was measured at 174 decibels 100 miles from the source. You can thus estimate that the sound intensity at the source was up to 310 decibels. That's 1021 times louder than the noise of a jackhammer.

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