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How to reduce the noise from the air conditioner?

How to reduce the noise from the air conditioner?

Summer is finally here and you can enjoy relaxing in a cooled apartment, but the noise of the air conditioner disturbs you. Learn how to reduce the noise of the air conditioner and your apartment will turn into a pleasant oasis of peace, where you can escape from the heat.

How we perceive air conditioning noise varies from person to person. Some people are very sensitive to certain sounds and frequencies - that's why they can tolerate the noise from the air conditioner worse.

Many sounds are loud enough to cause hearing damage. The noise from the air conditioner is unpleasant , but not painful and dangerous. However, air conditioning noise can cause more problems than you might think.

If your air conditioner is making too much noise at night, you can muffle the sound with earplugs. However, it is more reasonable to solve the noise from the air conditioner than to cover up the problem .

The correct location of the air conditioner is crucial

If you are installing a new air conditioning unit, think carefully about where you will put it. We recommend putting the outdoor device outside the bedroom or a room you use often. Such placement will limit the amount of noise you hear.

Also, do not install the unit near air ducts or narrow halls. The sound generated by the air conditioner will bounce off walls or a narrow space and sound louder.
Any smooth and hard surface reflects sound. You should also consider installing the air conditioner further away from your doors and windows .

Soundproofing the apartment can also be a solution

However, sometimes it is difficult to move the device outside the used spaces. In that case, soundproofing the apartment is ideal . By adding soundproofing and acoustic materials, you can reduce the amount of noise that spreads into the apartment, and thus eliminate the noise from the air conditioning unit.

Professional noise reduction will help you solve not only the noise from the air conditioner, but the noise from outside in general. While you use the air conditioning mainly in the summer, the noise from the city spreads regularly throughout the year. You will appreciate the sound insulation outside of the summer season. Your apartment will thus become a really quiet place where you can sleep, work and live well. Contact us - we will arrange for you professional soundproofing apartment.

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