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Is the noise from fireworks safe?

We are all already looking forward to New Year's Eve and the end of 2020. Fireworks are an essential part of this day. Although there will be fewer official city fireworks this year, people will still set off firecrackers or have their own private firework shows. The lighting effects are also accompanied by a distinctive, so-called impulsive sound. Is the noise from fireworks safe?

Regardless of where fireworks are set off, certain safety rules apply to prevent fires, injuries and burns. The greatest risk of impulsive noise - hearing damage - is often forgotten during safety and health measures.

What is impulsive noise and why is it dangerous?

Impulsive noise is an intermittent loud sound that consists of one or more repeated beeps lasting no more than a few seconds. A gunshot or the sound of fireworks is a great example of such noise.

A safe sound volume should not exceed 75 decibels. The noise of fireworks reaches 150 dB even from a distance of several meters!

The danger of impulsive noise lies in the fact that the auditory organ does not have time to adapt and a too strong signal reaches the inner ear without attenuation. Exposure to impulsive noise can have a truly adverse impact on hearing health and even lead to permanent hearing loss.

How to protect your hearing when using fireworks?

Protect your hearing if you want to watch the fireworks. Get yourself and your family simple earplugs that can minimize the decibels of fireworks noise. An effective and cheap solution.

It is also a good solution to get special headphones for hearing protection from a shop for workers. You can even use both products at the same time and minimize the negative impact of noise on your hearing.

How to protect children's hearing?

Young children are more susceptible to hearing damage from noise because their ear canals are much smaller than adults. The sound from the fireworks will create more and more dangerous pressure in their ears.

Ordinary earplugs are not suitable for children. For this reason, you should buy special headphones for children. They perfectly protect children's sensitive ears and allow children to enjoy fireworks without unpleasant consequences.

Watching the fireworks through a closed window from the environment of your soundproofed apartment or house can also be a solution . Special materials that are used for noise reduction, they minimize the penetration of external sounds into the apartment and thus safely dampen impulsive noise from pyrotechnics.

New Year's Eve is a wonderful holiday and fireworks are beautiful, but it's important to enjoy them while protecting your hearing. To avoid hearing problems, use hearing protection or watch fireworks from the comfort of your home.

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