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Do you know the quietest animals in the world?

Do you know the quietest animals in the world?

Not all animals make sounds. At least not sounds that are audible to the human ear. Let's take a look at which animals are the quietest in the world and why we don't hear them.

Why are the quietest animals quiet?

Most of the quietest animals belong to the category of simple creatures that do not have a brain. This means that they are unable to produce any form of communication and do not even need sounds. These include, for example, jellyfish and sea urchins.

Many animals do not communicate with sounds because they do not have developed organs for this. They lack vocal cords or larynx. They usually use touch and taste to communicate. They feel very well the vibrations that warn them of danger. This is how worms are, for example.

Even fish don't have vocal cords. It might surprise you, but they are not the quietest animals in the world. Fish sounds can be characterized as chirping or grunting. They use them to communicate fear, pain or express dominance. Biologists were able to record these sounds using underwater microphones.

The quietest fish in the sea is the shark. They can swim without making any sound while hunting. There is almost no friction between the shark in the water, they can swim super fast and really quietly. Thanks to this, other animals will never know that a shark is approaching them.

Snails are among the quietest animals in the world. You could say they are as silent as they are slow, and the only sound you might hear is their body retracting into its shell.
But when was the last time you heard a snail crawl?

The quietest animals in the world:

  1. Medusa
  2. Slug
  3. Butterfly
  4. Crab
  5. Sea urchin
  6. Worm
  7. Star
  8. Sea anemone
  9. Oysters
  10. Shark
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