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FREE delivery on all panels in USA
Can't concentrate on work? The reason may be listening to music.

Can't concentrate on work? The reason may be listening to music.

Many people listen to music while working or studying and consider it to help them concentrate. For others, it is impossible to concentrate at all if they hear any background noise. It is true that certain types of music can increase concentration and improve memory. However, not everyone is helped by music to concentrate. Why?

Music is distracting

Music was invented for entertainment, and therefore an important part of it lies in the ability of music to distract and entertain people. If you're feeling sad or stressed, distracting yourself with your favorite tune can help lift your mood.

But distraction probably isn't what you're looking for when you need to focus.

If you are trying to calculate something or write a few lines of text, too loud or dynamic music can interrupt your thoughts and hamper your work process.

Music can have a negative impact on working memory

Working memory refers to the information you use for problem solving, learning, and other cognitive tasks. Most people can work with several pieces of information at once. A high working memory capacity means that you can remember a larger volume of information at once.

You use working memory when you are trying to remember:

  • several items in the list,
  • steps to solve a mathematical problem,
  • sequence of events.

However, research shows that listening to music can reduce working memory capacity. If you already have difficulty handling multiple pieces of information, listening to music could make the problem worse.

Music can impair reading comprehension

Some types of music, including fast music, loud music, and music with lyrics, can make reading material difficult to understand and absorb.

Whether you are going to work or want to read a textbook, soft classical music with a slow tempo may be a better choice for you. If you are disturbed by loud music from your neighbors, the solution can be professional noise reduction apartment . Contact us.

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