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FREE delivery on all panels in USA
4 myths about soundproofing the apartment

4 myths about soundproofing the apartment

On the Internet, you can find many tips on how to "solve" noisy neighbors. However, soundproofing an apartment is much more complicated, and a thicker carpet probably won't be enough for you. These are the myths about soundproofing an apartment that you should not believe:

1. Empty apartment soundproofing furniture

No matter how big the echo is in your apartment, it doesn't have to be caused by a lack of furniture. If sound is reflected in your apartment, you probably need to install sound absorption materials . You can have a furnished apartment full of furniture; but even this may not prevent noise from entering your apartment. So if you want to solve the echo problem and reduce the sound in your home, consider professional sound deadening.

2. Acoustic panels on the walls stop noise transmission

If your apartment has a lot of hard surfaces, sound will reflect more easily and travel further. Simple sound-absorbing panels can provide sound insulation to a certain extent , but often this is not enough and the noise from the neighbors will continue to penetrate into your apartment. Each apartment has different soundproofing needs. Contact us and we will find a tailor-made solution.

3. Soft furniture will help with sound insulation

This myth also works with the idea that curtains and soft carpets dampen the sound. It is only true to a certain extent. If the noise from the neighbors is spreading in your apartment and it bothers you, the carpet will not solve it. No matter how many carpets, cushions and curtains you put in your home to stop the spread of sound, you will not achieve soundproofing. You need to fix the structural errors. Sound will always find a weak point and spread. The problem will require professional noise reduction.

4. A few shelves will do wonders

Not. Not even tall librarians can absorb the noise from the neighbors. The reality is that you can only achieve absolute soundproofing with the use of professional products and it will require the work of an expert.

Sound insulation, unlike sound absorption, eliminates all gaps between two spaces through which noise is transmitted. Professional soundproofing of your apartment will prevent noise from the neighbors or the street from spreading into your apartment and you will have a better living experience.

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