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Benefits of listening to music

Benefits of listening to music

Listening to music is one of the most enjoyable activities we can do. Thanks to music, we can feel emotions, think, dream, improve our mood, deepen friendships, and even affects physical health. Do you know the benefits of listening to music?

Effects of music on the mind

Scientists say that listening to music stimulates the brain to become active - active areas can be seen to light up on MRI images. Music can motivate learning. Music also has a positive effect on your ability to remember. Musical memory is even one of the brain functions most resistant to dementia.

Music literally changes the brain. Neuroscientists have found that listening to music causes the release of several neurochemicals that play an important role in brain function and mental health:

  • dopamine, a chemical associated with pleasure and "reward" centers
  • serotonin and other immune-related hormones
  • oxytocin, the hormone of happiness

Music helps people regulate their emotions. It has the power to change mood and help people process their feelings. Listening to music can calm you down if you're feeling anxious. Researchers are actively researching the effects of music on depression and anxiety.

Effects of music on the body

Rhythmic music makes people move and dance. Light cardio in the form of dancing supports heart activity and health. Music can be energizing. Music therapy sessions have been proven to reduce fatigue in people, and you certainly know the energizing effect of music. Just turn on your favorite song.

Exercise enthusiasts know that music enhances their physical performance. In addition, exercising with music will improve mood, help the body to exercise more efficiently and reduce awareness of exertion. This leads to a longer and more effective workout.

Music can reduce pain. Specially trained music therapists use music to relieve pain.

There is no music like music. To discover the full benefits of listening to music, work with a music therapist. Discover the benefits music can have on your body, mind and overall health. If your neighbors annoy you with loud music, it is not therapeutic for you. We will help you soundproofing the apartment.

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