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FREE delivery on all panels in USA
The noise from the disco can be dangerous if you live nearby

The noise from the disco can be dangerous if you live nearby

If you go to a disco, you know this situation: You want to say something, but you can't hear a word because the music is too loud. No wonder. Discotheques routinely break noise regulations and play their music too loud. This can be dangerous for you. It can have a negative effect on you, even if you live near a disco.

You can't concentrate on work

If you need to work in the evening, the noise from the nearby disco can disturb your ability to concentrate. It is proven that work productivity decreases in a noisy environment. You will be less motivated to complete the task, your memory will deteriorate and you will feel tired more easily.

Bad sleep

If there is a noisy disco near you, it leads to bad sleep during the night. If you do not sleep well, the following day you may suffer from reduced attention, daytime sleepiness, impaired memory and you may feel stressed. In the long run, regular lack of sleep can cause serious health and psychological problems, and can even affect your appearance.

Danger to health

Noise at levels above 85 dB can result in hearing damage and can lead to ringing in the ears or even permanent hearing loss. Sound at the wrong level can change our heart rates, breathing patterns, stress levels, cause fatigue and affect attention. These are quite serious reasons for which you should definitely think about the sound quality in your company.

Tailor-made sound insulation can be the solution

You don't have to move to a quiet location right away. The ideal solution is soundproofing on the key. Contact us. We cover the entire process of soundproofing your apartment - from noise measurements to custom implementation.

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