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5 tips for what to do if noisy neighbors are bothering you

Living in a block of flats or terraced buildings, and therefore in close proximity to other people, has its advantages (new friends, invitation to a barbecue, borrowing the missing ingredient), but also disadvantages. One of the main ones is noise. All it takes is for your neighbor to talk louder, walk harder, have children, a pet, or play a musical instrument, and the world is noisy. When you start to lose sleep or patience, it's high time to start dealing with the noise from the neighbors. You don't have to move, just follow our 5 tips.

1. Talk to your neighbors

It sounds like a cliché, but problems need to be talked about. Therefore, reach out to your neighbors and explain to them what is happening. People are usually receptive to these demands and are often completely unaware of the noise they are creating. If you talk to them, the noise problem may be solved.

2. Add a rug or two

Currently, bare floors with minimal carpet are the trend. This fact also leads to increased noise. Low-quality laminate floors cannot sufficiently absorb sound and, moreover, walking on them is quite noisy. As these floors do not help you to eliminate noise from your neighbors, they also create noise that spreads from your apartment. Add some rugs to help absorb the sound.

3. Buy more furniture

Sound waves like to bounce around empty rooms, so living in an unfurnished apartment can also be the reason why you hear noise from your neighbors. You finally have an excuse to buy a couch or stop sleeping on a mattress only. Get more furniture. Filling your room with furniture will ensure less echo, which means more silence for you.

4. Invest in soundproof doors

It may surprise you, but old, poor-quality doors that let in more sound than you would like are often responsible for noise from neighbors - not only noise from neighbors to you, but also sounds from your apartment. Soundproof door they are a win-win solution. Security doors can also help reduce noise from the corridor or from neighbors.

5. Have your apartment soundproofed

Our customers most often contact us with interest soundproof the apartment because of noisy neighbors. We know how to solve this problem well, and we will provide you not only soundproofing of walls, ceilings, and floors , but we are also thinking of soundproofing the footboard . Old constructions and materials are also responsible for the noise in the apartment, so when renovating the apartment, you should think about soundproofing it, even if you don't have a problem with noisy neighbors.

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