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FREE delivery on all panels in USA
FREE delivery on all panels in USA

About acoustics

and what is it for? 


A spacious interior with large, flat and hard surfaces creates a lot of unwanted reflections of the sound track, causing annoying echoes.

It is important to think about high-quality acoustics, otherwise it may happen that sounds are reflected without sufficient attenuation and dispersion, so that the sound wave travels around the room hundreds of times. The reverberations are thus all the more audible and disturbing.

Acoustics are very important for a pleasant feeling in the space.


Everything you need to know about the acoustic
lamella panel Siberian oak 2400×600 mm


  • Sound-insulating material that solves problems with acoustics and soundproofing in interiors
  • Quick and easy installation by anchoring or gluing directly to the wall
  • Possibility of application on walls and ceilings
  • Panel size 20 x 600 x 2400mm (depth x width x length)
  • Size of one slat 10 x 30 x 2400mm (depth x width x length)
  • The number of slats on the panel is 15 pcs
  • The lamellar panel can be fed and cut to the required dimensions of the walls
  • It is possible to easily cut holes in the panel for lamps near the ceilings or switches on the walls
  • Without the use of harmful substances, 100% ECOFRIENDLY
  • Modern look of solid oak lamella
  • We can deliver and install the lamella panel for you

Acoustic panel as a tasteful solution


  • The combination of the modern appearance of solid oak wood together with the acoustic board ensures perfect diffusion and sound absorption in the interior. You no longer have to worry about problems with echoes or sounds coming from neighboring areas.
  • Wooden acoustic panels consist of environmentally and health-friendly materials with fire resistance and acoustic properties that guarantee sufficient sound insulation.
  • Acoustic lamella panels offer a wide range of uses. They can be used both in public spaces (e.g. restaurants, offices) and in residential buildings. They can be used as a material for finishing walls and ceilings, as well as as a design element for furniture.

What is HDF and oak veneer?


  • HDF board/carrier is a highly hard and dense wood fiber board, produced by a dry process.
  • The board ensures 100% dimensional stability and does not deform
  • Color of the board: black/white
  • Veneer is a thin layer of oak wood, used on the front and back surfaces of slatted panels

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