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Why don't we hear sounds in space?

Why don't we hear sounds in space?

Earth, even if all life is destroyed, will never be a "quiet" place (assuming all else remains the same.) We would hear the sounds of waves, wind, and occasionally erupting volcanoes or even earthquakes. However, it is different in space. But did you know that if you screamed to the universe, no one would hear you, no matter how loud you screamed?

Why is there no sound in space?

It is simple. In order for sound to travel from one place to another, it needs a medium to carry it. Air here on Earth allows sound waves to travel from one point to another. Sound can also travel through water, steel, earth, etc… It just requires the particles / atoms / molecules to touch each other.

When you scream, your vocal cords vibrate and create sound waves. On Earth, your scream (sound waves) is carried by air molecules. When the sound waves reach the ear, someone hears you scream. Air is the medium that carries sounds and helps them sound.

As a sound wave passes, it causes air pressure to oscillate, and the time between these oscillations represents the sound's frequency (measured in Hertz); the distance between the oscillating peaks is the wavelength.

Most of the universe is a vacuum. Yes, there are atoms in space too, but they are mostly very far apart, so they cannot integrate together or transmit sound.

If the distance between the air particles is greater than this wavelength, the sound cannot cross the gap and the "ripple" stops. Once sounds fall below 20 Hz, they become infrasound and we cannot hear them.

Sound cannot travel in the vacuum of space, so if you scream in space, no one will hear you. So we don't hear any sounds in space.

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