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Why are the sounds of rain relaxing?

Even in the past, people used the sounds of rain to help them fall asleep. Have you ever wondered why the sounds of rain are so soothing? Why do we sleep better with the sound of raindrops?

The sound of rain helps us relax and fall asleep faster. Most of us find it very difficult to wake up when it's raining outside. You've probably experienced it too - the weather is cold, it's raining outside and you want to curl up in bed all day. Google searches also prove it. Lots of people search for " I love the sound of rain on a tin roof " and " I love the sound of rain at night ".

But why do we love the sound of rain so much?

One of the reasons we love rain sounds can be linked to our need to mask disturbing noises at night. Because " white noise" is one of the best ways to cover the noise that often prevents us from sleeping. Raindrops are music to our ears. Rain usually drowns out all other sounds and allows us to focus on the monotonous sounds.

In addition to the noise from outside, we are often disturbed by our own thoughts at night. Admit it, you too probably think about a thousand things before going to bed. The white noise effect of the rain allows the mind to fixate its thoughts only on the sound of the rain . That's why it's easier to fall asleep during a rainy night.

Another reason why the sounds of rain are so soothing is that they remind us of the womb. From the moment of conception, we are all surrounded by water in the womb. The sound of rain can subconsciously act as a calming component . It's like going back in time and being a baby again.

There is also an explanation related to the sounds of rain at certain wave frequencies . These periodic vibrations, whose frequency is audible to the average person, can inherently cause relaxation of the mind. They also help relieve stress. This is perhaps the explanation why the sound of rain relaxes us and our brain simply "turns off".

Some people tend to associate falling rain with romance. There are many songs about "making love in the rain". The connection between romance and rain may also be the reason why people love the sound of raindrops constantly falling.

The good news is that you don't have to wait for the rain. There are many apps that simulate rain and produce "white noise" or other relaxing sounds. So you can enjoy relaxation with the sounds of rain every night. If you are disturbed by noise from the street or neighbors while sleeping, you don't have to rely on peaceful sleep thanks to the rain. Take advantage noise reduction apartment.

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