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Sounds that will make your dog bark

Sounds that will make your dog bark

If you want to train your dog to bark or howl on command, you need to find a trigger. Most dogs respond to different sounds, but sounds do not work the same for all dogs. So you will have to try different sounds and find out what works for your dog by trial and error. These are sounds that trigger dogs to bark or howl.

The sound of your voice

The first thing you should try is the sound of your own voice. Make a whining sound, reminiscent of a howl or bark. In the dog's eyes, you are actually the leader of the pack and your dog will be happy to join in the fun. He will bark along with you.

A high placed musical instrument

Instruments like the guitar, harmonica, and even the cello have been known to trigger howls in dogs. The high pitch does something to their brain and they feel like joining the instrument and howling along with it.

Siren sound

You have surely seen a dog that howls along with an approaching siren. If you're not sure if this applies to your furry friend, play a few siren sounds on your phone and see the reaction.

Different kinds of music

Your furry friend will love to join in the song. However, there is no universal rhyme, tone, or melody that triggers a brawl or bark. You will have to try different songs and find what works for your dog. The moment your dog starts barking or howling to a song, stick to that genre of music and encourage the dog to be a little louder.

The sounds of other dogs barking

If your dog doesn't respond to music or a siren, the sounds of other dogs barking will likely trigger him to bark. You can find videos of dogs barking on the internet. Play a couple of them over the speaker at home. Your dog will probably think that there is another four-legged friend around and will try to communicate with them.

WARNING. The article does not encourage you to abuse animals. Dogs have sensitive ears, so please do not play music too loud for them, just keep the music at the normal volume you listen to, otherwise you can cause the dogs' ears to hurt. Do everything in the framework of fun play and loving training.

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