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FREE delivery on all panels in USA
Room acoustics - 7 myths you shouldn't believe

Room acoustics - 7 myths you shouldn't believe

Have you invested in a great speaker system, but it's still not quite there? Unfortunately, even the most expensive system alone will not automatically give you great sound. That's when room acoustics come into play. Room acoustics is an often underrated area – and one where you can be very easily duped into spending money on solutions that don't deliver on what they promise.

We present to you 7 myths about room acoustics.

Myth 1: Just add carpets and curtains for great sound.

Carpets and curtains are not a complete acoustic solution. They simply won't give you the same performance as lab-tested acoustic panels. They will also not solve the problems of eliminating the sound of speakers and booming bass.

Myth 2: Sound insulation = good acoustics.

Sound insulation is not the same as acoustic treatment. Sound insulation simply prevents sound from entering or leaving the space - it does not solve internal sound reflections in the space. In fact, the more soundproof you are, the more problems you will have with the bass, as the low frequencies are trapped inside.

Myth 3: We can "tune out" strong bass.

The wavelength of the bass frequencies means that whatever "gimmicks" are, they can't solve the uneven decay time of the bass in the room. These "enhancements" usually change the balance of the mids and highs compared to the bass, causing you to perceive less bass, but the problem doesn't go away.

Myth 4: Room insulation will make your room uninhabitable.

Professional acoustic design will create a livable space. Not too thick acoustic material absorbs high frequencies and dampens the sound in the room. Smart solutions focus on flat absorption/diffusion across the entire audible spectrum.

Myth 5: Sound insulation is not the most beautiful.

Contemporary acoustic panels blend seamlessly into your interior design and add beauty to your space. The trick is to integrate room conditioning when designing and building the listening room, rather than adding it later.

Myth 6: Sound insulation is expensive.

Today, the possibilities in the field of room acoustics range in different price levels. Our experienced consultant will help you create an affordable room where you can really enjoy the audio equipment you have already purchased.

Myth 7: I can find all the answers on the Internet.

Every space is unique and the internet cannot solve your complex individual acoustic problems. We will help you save time and money.

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