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4 ways bad acoustics negatively affect your business

Acoustics are one of those things that you don't think about until you're in a room with a really big echo. Have you ever been in a restaurant where you could barely hear yourself, let alone your friend sitting across from you. Or, conversely, you must have been in a space where sound was easily transmitted and heard all the private conversations in the room. These situations can have a very negative impact on your business and the efficient functioning of your company.

Sound is not visual, so it is often difficult for business owners to recognize that their business has acoustic problems. If a light went out or a pipe leaked, you'd notice right away. But this is rarely the case with acoustic problems, and entrepreneurs often struggle with problems for months before the acoustics are fixed. How does bad acoustics negatively affect your workplace?

1. Performance in the workplace decreases

Most people have certain preferences about the sound in the room where they work. Listening to a mix of conversations, music and a general symphony of office noises is usually bad for most office workers. It disrupts concentration on work, and work performance decreases due to poor acoustics. It is estimated that productivity in intellectual work can be reduced by up to two-thirds due to poor sound in the room.

2. Problems in communication

Whether you're giving instructions to an employee or trying to make a presentation in a meeting room, good acoustics can only help. When you're in a room with echoes of noise, it can be hard for your audience to hear you and even harder to understand you. Listeners' brains have to focus twice as much as they need to filter out ambient noise and process your voice and the information you're giving. Being distracted by bad acoustics can cause an employee to misunderstand you.

3. Endangered health

For those who work in extremely noisy environments, such as call centers or restaurants, poor acoustics can really harm their health. Even in the office, sound can be harmful, as sound at the wrong level can change our heart rates, breathing patterns, stress levels, cause fatigue and affect attention. These are quite serious reasons for which you should definitely think about the sound quality in your company.

4. Protection of personal data

Even the protection of sensitive personal data can be seriously compromised in an environment with poor acoustics. Imagine being in a law office and hearing the intimate details of a case being discussed next door. Now imagine that an employee has to talk to you about a personal matter and the whole office can hear him because of the bad sound. It can be very annoying if, for example, sensitive personal information or access data were to be leaked in this way.

Bad acoustics can cause big problems for your business, which can even lead to the loss of employees. Contact our team and we will help you improve the sound in your office.

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