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FREE delivery on all panels in USA
FREE delivery on all panels in USA

The basics of installing wooden wall paneling

The natural wood surface integrates nicely with all other materials used in the interior and is thus suited for practically any interior. Because it is easy to keep and affordable, wood is an ideal choice for interior décor. Wooden panels may be painted or varnished at home and then dried. If you want to utilize wooden wall panels in a business environment, you will need to paint or varnish them to maintain them looking their best.

While wooden panels are fantastic for interior design, they are less so for outside wall decor. If the panels are constructed of solid wood with no varnishing or painting, they are more suited for outside decoration rather than inside decoration. The panels are more expensive than other kinds of panels. Wood has a characteristic grain pattern that makes it ideal for wall paneling, but it does not look good as an external panel.

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