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Why are soundproof hotel rooms a wise investment?

Why are soundproof hotel rooms a wise investment?

Especially older hotels have a relatively big problem with the spread of noise. Often, even earplugs are not always sufficient to eliminate incoming sound from neighboring rooms. Therefore, some hotels have started soundproofing their rooms. Soundproof hotel rooms are a great investment. They will attract new visitors who will be happy to return to you after a quiet night.

You don't choose your neighbors

Unless you have booked a whole block of rooms, you have to count on the fact that you will have neighbors around you, and you don't choose them in ordinary life, but even in the hotel. If you need a solid eight hours of sleep because you have to get up for a meeting in the morning, the party in the next room can be a nightmare for you. Plus, noise can go both ways. If you're away from the kids for a night and want to celebrate it by staying in a hotel, it's not ideal to have someone in your neighborhood constantly complaining that you're having a good time. At night, acceptable noise levels in hotels are subjective. Both parties will be satisfied with soundproof hotel rooms.

Soundproof hotels are attractive for guests

The idea of ​​partying one night and sleeping the next makes a soundproofed hotel more attractive to any guest. Regardless of the purpose of your stay, in such a hotel you do not have to worry about who is in the next room.

Keep your customers happy

Noise is the number one complaint among guests. The main reason we book hotel rooms is a place to sleep. However, even a pleasant stay can be spoiled by a noisy neighbor who causes us to not close our eyes all night. Sound proofing your rooms is therefore a good way to keep your customers happy in every aspect of their stay while protecting you from negative reviews. So why do hotels have soundproof walls? It's because of the guests.

Keeping rooms quieter

The easiest way to reduce the amount of noise that reaches neighboring rooms is to limit the noise in each room. If the guests are in the rooms, they tend to talk. The sounds of their voices bounce off the walls and back into the room. The sound is actually amplified due to reverberation, which makes people speak even louder. While you can't control your guests' voice level, you can prevent it from getting out of hand. Equipping hotel walls with acoustic panels is therefore a great start.

How to soundproof the hotel?

If you want your hotel to boast soundproof hotel rooms, you need to make a plan. Find potential sources of disturbing sound. Find out how much of that sound reaches the guest rooms. While you're at it, determine how much audio transmission is acceptable to your guests. Engaging in such a large-scale project as soundproofing will require careful planning. You will also need the help of experts who understand these technical aspects.

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