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FREE delivery on all panels in USA

Sound-insulating doors - an important part of soundproofing the premises

Noise most often spreads through thin walls and ceilings. You can significantly improve the sound insulation of any wall by simply replacing a standard door with an acoustic door. Even replacing the door itself will significantly reduce the transmission of sound from one room to another.

There are specific spaces where it is very important to have the noise level and sound quality under control. Therefore, in these places, due to acoustic absorption, high-quality noise suppression doors are needed.

Basically, sound is reflected in the environment. Part of it is absorbed when it hits a surface, and the rest spreads out of a particular room. This creates noise that can disturb neighboring spaces.Soundproof door they are one way to prevent the spread of noise - either out of the room or into it. Acoustic doors work perfectly in conjunction with absorbent materials that dampen the sound of the walls, floors and ceilings of the room.

Before buying soundproof doors, measure the noise and consult with an expert.

Measuring the noise in the room is very important before buying an acoustic door. There are several types of soundproof doors, and you can only choose the right door if you know the noise level in the room. Subsequently, it is important to consult the selection with an expert who will evaluate the specific room, its level of soundproofing and help you choose the best model for your individual needs .

The types of materials used in acoustic doors vary by building and room use. This is because some acoustic doors, which may be suitable for small music rooms, may not be effective in large halls or auditoriums where it is necessary to reflect the sounds made by the orchestra in a special way. Therefore, it is important to know that where it is necessary to install a specific acoustic door, it is necessary to better absorb sound and reverberation.

We offer the best acoustic doors on the market:

  • interior doors from Rw 42 dB,
  • technical and entrance doors Rw from 44 dB,
  • studio door of the highest quality Rw 52 dB.

Sound-insulating doors are one of the important solutions for soundproofing the interior. If you have already made interior modifications for soundproofing and you are still disturbed by noise, the problem may be poor-quality doors. We do not recommend "sound proofing" the old door, it has a very weak effect. See our offer high-quality soundproof doors.

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