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Office acoustics affect employee productivity

Office acoustics affect employee productivity

Businesses are constantly looking for and trying new ways to ensure that their employees have a healthy and positive work environment. Modern open space offices are currently a very popular solution that supports team collaboration. However, they have one major drawback: they are polluted with noise, which impairs productivity.

Open space offices increase the creativity of employees and support collaboration. Thanks to the large space, they have plenty of natural light, which makes employees patient, less frustrated, productive and healthier.

However, these spaces have a disadvantage: lack of privacy and noise. According to researches, working in an open space noise robs employees of their productivity and makes them less able to concentrate. And so many people find it really difficult to perform tasks that require a lot of concentration in an open space.

According to a study by Udemy, up to 80% of respondents say that they are most disturbed by phone calls from colleagues. Noise in the office was mentioned as a problem by up to 70% of them.

People can cope with noise, but only until it becomes annoying. Most employees work without realizing that office noise affects their productivity.

What sounds spread in a regular office?

  • Noise from electronic devices such as vending machines, printers, keyboard strokes and fax machines
  • Fluctuating sounds of laughter, loud talking and ringing phones
  • The sounds of heels in the hallway, chat beeps, loud chewing sounds and colleagues cursing/mumbling
  • Traffic sounds from the surrounding area: road traffic, trains, planes, ...
  • High frequency sounds from keyboards on which people type

How do acoustics affect employees?

Noise distraction leads to loss of productivity, and the more intensive the task, the more noise distracts those performing it. Employees who work in a busy office are more tired, less motivated and have a weaker memory.

Poor acoustics lead to more noise, which causes stress to employees. This also affects the health of employees. Stressed employees are prone to high blood pressure, headaches, indigestion and hypertension.

Increased noise in the office can have a negative effect on your employees. Soundproof your premises. Contact our team and we will help you "fix" the sound in your offices.Soundproofing is an investment that will pay you back through improved employee productivity.

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