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FREE delivery on all panels in USA

Do you live in a noisy city? You don't have to move, there is an easier solution.

In most cases, city life also means noisy life. Traffic noise, rumbling constructions, alarms, people walking past your window... People living in the city center are exposed to dangerous levels of noise without even realizing it.

The UN estimates that by 2030, 60 percent of the world's population will live in cities. It is important to start perceiving urban noise as a possible health risk . If you live on a busy street, you are most likely exposed to noise at a level of around 70 dB, often more, on a daily basis.

The passing siren is about 120 dB and the noise from motorbikes is around 95 dB. They are the classic sounds of the city , which cannot be avoided. If you are exposed to this noise often, it can be really dangerous, as listening to sound above 85 decibels can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. Many people exposed to noise suffer from tinnitus, a constant ringing in the ear.

Noise from the city may be the cause of your sleep problems.

Your ears pick up sounds even during sleep and send them to the brain for "processing". If you sleep in a noisy environment, your sleep will be of lower quality , because the brain will focus on the sounds around. Sleep disorders can result in depression, anxiety or diabetes.

And that's not all. Long-term exposure to noise can cause the release of stress hormones , increase heart rate and blood pressure. This can accelerate the onset of cardiovascular disease or even cause a stroke.

The solution is soundproofing the apartment.

If you are bothered by noise from the city where you live, you don't have to move. There is also a simple solution in the form of professional soundproofing of the apartment. Keep it professional measure the noise in your city apartment. Subsequently, you will get noise values ​​for determining the optimal acoustic sound insulation solution in your apartment. If you find that the sound level is dangerous, soundproofing the apartment may be the solution. Thorough noise reduction walls, ceilings, floors can turn your apartment into a quiet oasis.

If you have already made interior modifications for soundproofing and you are still disturbed by noise, the problem may be poor-quality doors. Sound-insulating doors are one of the important solutions for soundproofing the interior.

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