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FREE delivery on all panels in USA
A guide to soundproofing a hotel room

A guide to soundproofing a hotel room

Some guests expressly require rooms far from the elevator or various disturbing elements, so that they have guaranteed silence. It is also an advantage to have a room on higher floors, but soundproof hotel rooms are the absolute best solution.

Depending on the design of your hotel, soundproofing can be relatively simple, but it can also require a major renovation. If you have an old building with thin walls and floors, you have a lot of work to do to stand out from your local competition.

On the other hand, if your walls do a decent job of preventing sound transmission, some simple steps will put you on par with high-end hotels with significant soundproofing. Learning how to make a room quieter is paramount. Subsequently, it is necessary to know how to prevent the transmission of sound between rooms.

Acoustic panels

By installing acoustic panels in rooms, you will absorb some of the sound waves that would otherwise bounce back into the room and lead to noise complaints. These wall sound blockers are a great hotel design solution, as you can arrange their simple shapes and vibrant colors to serve as modern art to enhance the visual aesthetics of the room. You can have them printed in a variety of art forms that you like, while keeping your branding consistent while implementing noise-retaining measures.

Sound insulation of walls

The specific construction of the walls in your hotel will tell you what your next course of action will be. Applying thick insulation between rooms is a good start, while adding more mass to the wall is better. If you're going through a major renovation, you can add upgrades like vibration-stopping isolators or adding high-performance insulation.
If you are looking for a less invasive solution, you can add a second layer of drywall to the existing drywall. In any case, consulting with an expert will guarantee you the best results for your property.

Door sound insulation

Not all the noise comes from the next room. The noise can often come from the corridor, which could wake up the guests at night. Soundproof hotel doors keep noise where it belongs.

The first means of protection is the door itself. Make sure they are solid and solid. Hollow-core doors may be suitable for wardrobes and interior doors to rooms that do not require any privacy, but for the room where you will sleep, solid doors are the best choice. They also keep a lot of sound out, but if there are gaps at the edges, you're back to square one. So sealing the edges will help complete your sound barrier.

Sound insulation of windows

The hotel rooms are soundproofed so that noisy neighbors give us a peaceful sleep, at the same time they are also soundproofed so that you are not disturbed by the noise from the street. Sound insulation of windows is not as simple as sound insulation of walls, floors and doors, but nevertheless there are solutions that work quite effectively.

New windows

If you have old windows that are letting in too much sound, it may be time to replace them. New double-glazed windows will provide good sound insulation because a second layer of glass is added to your window. This two-pane design also has an enclosed space in the middle that is filled with gas, making them excellent sound and heat insulators. Not only will the new windows insulate the room from outside noises, but they will also lower your energy bills.

Window inserts

If you have historic windows that you want to keep for aesthetic purposes, you can still get the benefits of new windows without losing the charm of the building. Window inserts are sealed panes that fit into your existing window frames, meaning they are cheaper to buy and maintain, and you can install them yourself. Since larger hotels sometimes have hundreds of rooms and windows, these financial savings can be quite significant.

Soundproof curtains

You will have curtains in every room, so why not use them? Soundproofing curtains are not only great at keeping out light, allowing guests to take a nap in the afternoon or snooze their alarm clock a little later, but this modern soundproofing product also improves acoustics and keeps outside sounds where they are coming from.

Contact us. We will help you professionally soundproof your hotel rooms.

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